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@ The Geffen Playhouse

By Colman Domingo & Patricia McGregor


Directed by Patricia McGregor

Music Supervision & Arrangements by John McDaniel

Choreographed by Edgar Godineaux

Tap & Additional Choreo by Jared Grimes

Scenic: Ryan Howell & Clint Ramos

Costumes: Katherine O'Neil

Lighting: Alan C. Edwards

Sound: Alex Hawthorn

2019 LA Theater Bites Award WINNER:

"Best Scenic Design"

"For Cole, in fact, “Lights Out” argues that the starchy, candy-sweet aesthetic of 1950s TV — nicely summoned by Clint Ramos and Ryan Howell’s set design — was a tissue-thin veneer over the constant threat of racial violence. )"

Margaret Gray , Los Angeles Times

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